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Yusuke Mori (森 友亮 in Japanese) is a Ph.D. student at Harada Mukuta Laboratory (Machine Intelligence Laboratory), The University of Tokyo, Japan.

He received the M.S. degree in Information Science and Technology (the department of Creative Informatics) from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 2014. On the basis of his experience working in neuroscience and brain simulation research in the previously belonged laboratory (Kanzaki-Takahashi Laboratory, belonged from 2011-04 to 2014-03), now he has a strong interest in storytelling, machine learning, and natural language processing, which he believes to have a tight relationship with human creativity.


Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Machine Learning, Storytelling, Emotions


Extra Curricular Activities

Work Experiences



Google Scholar Citations

International Journal

  1. Hiroaki Yamane, Yusuke Mori, Tatsuya Harada, “Humor meets morality: Joke generation based on moral judgement,” Information Processing & Management, Volume 58, Issue 3, 2021, 102520, ISSN 0306-4573, (open access)

  2. Yusuke Mori, Hiroaki Yamane, Yoshitaka Ushiku, Tatsuya Harada, “How narratives move your mind: A corpus of shared-character stories for connecting emotional flow and interestingness,” Information Processing & Management, Volume 56, Issue 5, 2019, Pages 1865-1879, ISSN 0306-4573,

International Conference/Workshop

  1. Yusuke Mori, Hiroaki Yamane, Yusuke Mukuta, Tatsuya Harada, “The Nectar of Missing Position Prediction for Story Completion,” Text2Story 2021 (ECIR 2021, Workshop), 2021. [Video (in the channel of the workshop on YouTube)] [PDF]
  2. Yusuke Mori, Hiroaki Yamane, Yusuke Mukuta, Tatsuya Harada, “Finding and Generating a Missing Part for Story Completion,” 4th Joint SIGHUM Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, Humanities and Literature (LaTeCH-CLfL) (COLING 2020, Workshop), 2020. [PDF (ACL Anthology) [Code (GitHub)] [Presentation Slide (Workshop website)]
  3. Yusuke Mori, Hiroaki Yamane, Yusuke Mukuta, Tatsuya Harada, “Toward a Better Story End: Collecting Human Evaluation with Reasons,” In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Natural Language Generation (INLG 2019), 2019. [PDF (ACL Anthology)]

国内の研究会 (Domestic Workshop)

査読なし (unrefereed), in Japanese

  1. 森 友亮†, 上原康平†, 原田達也, († equal contribution) “視覚・言語融合 Transformer モデルによる画像からの物語文生成,” CAI+CAI first workshop (言語処理学会第 27 回年次大会 ワークショップ), 福岡(オンライン), 2021 年 3 月. [PDF (Workshop website)] [Presentation Slides (Workshop website)]
    • [English Title] VisualNT-BART: Image to Narrative Generation with Vision and Language Transformer
  2. 後藤 昂彦, 加沢 知毅, 宮本 大輔, ハウプト ステファン 周一, 森 友亮, 神崎 亮平, “大規模 RCGA による単一ニューロンに対する H-H 型モデルパラメータの推定 〜 カイコガ触角葉ニューロンを対象として 〜,” 信学技報, vol. 113, no. 382, NC2013-68, pp. 7-12, 福岡, 2014 年 1 月.
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国内の学会・シンポジウム (Domestic Conference, Symposium)

査読なし (unrefereed), poster

  1. Tomoki Kazawa, Yusuke Mori, Daisuke Miyamoto, Shigehiro Namiki, Hidetoshi Ikeno, Stephan Shuichi Haupt, Ikuko Nishikawa, Ryohei Kanzaki, “Constructing a multi-compartment parallelized simulation of a premotor area of the silkmoth brain,” 日本比較生理生化学会第 35 回大会, 兵庫, 2013 年 7 月.
  2. Daisuke Miyamoto, Tomoki Kazawa, Stephan Shuichi Haupt, Shigehiro Namiki, Yohei Sato, Hidehito Sato, Yusuke Mori, Ryota Kobayashi, Hidetoshi Ikeno, Ikuko Nishikawa, Ryohei Kanzaki, “IOSSIM: the framework for constructing multi-compartment neuron models and large scale simulations,” 日本比較生理生化学会第 34 回大会, 神奈川, 2012 年 7 月.

査読なし (unrefereed), poster, in Japanese

  1. 加沢 知毅, 宮本 大輔, 森 友亮, ハウプト ステファン 周一, 並木 重宏, 神崎 亮平, 池野 英利, 五十嵐 吉輝, 山岸 嘉彦, 小野島 隆之, 小杉 展弘, 西川 郁子, “IOSSIM(昆虫全脳シミュレータ)の開発と応用,” 次世代生命体統合シミュレーションソフトウェアの研究開発(ライフ)公開シンポジウム, 東京, 2013 年 3 月.


Missing Position Prediction

We proposed a new task of story understanding “Missing Position Prediction”, aiming human creative writing assistance [Mori et al., LaTeCH-CLfL 2020, Text2Story 2021].

You can access the code of the prototype demonstration system from here.

The code can be run in your local environment or the Google Colab.


Other Activities

Open Source Software commitment

spacy-course Japanese translation project

Hugging Face Datasets Sprint 2020

Release alert: the 🤗datasets library v1.2 is available now!

- 611 datasets you can download in one line of python
- 467 languages covered, 99 with at least 10 datasets
- efficient pre-processing to free you from memory constraints

Try it out at:

— Hugging Face (@huggingface) January 5, 2021

Presentation at Study Group

第七回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会  CVPR2021読み会

第六回 全日本コンピュータビジョン勉強会  Transformer 論文読み会

I introduced “An Image is Worth 16x16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale” [Dosovitskiy et al, ICLR 2021] at the 6th japancv, on 2021-04-18.

第 41 回 コンピュータビジョン勉強会@関東

20170819第41回CV勉強会@関東_HierarchicalApproach_ImageParagraphs from Yusuke Mori

I introduced “A Hierarchical Approach for Generating Descriptive Image Paragraphs” [Krause et al., CVPR 2017] at the 41st kantocv, on 2017-08-19.


Information Science and Technology